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Partagas Selección Privada Ed Lim 2014

Origin: Cuba
Format: Magnum 50
Flavour: Full
Length: 16 O 19.84mm / 50


Adorini Chianti Medium Deluxe

100 PCS

Black veneer,matt finish with 3 drawers , inside lining Spanish cedar veneer.

Included : Hygrometer and humidifier.


Partagas Serie D No. 4

Origin: Cuba
Format: Robusto
Flavour: Full
Length: 12,4 O 50

From €14.60

La Paz Miniaturas Box20

La Paz Wilde Miniaturas is the ideal cigar for those in-between moments. Up until now the possibilities have been pretty limited, both where time and smokables are concerned. Now Miniaturas has tastefully filled that gap.

Length 68mm
Ring 19


Davidoff Mini Cigarillos

Davidoff Mini Cigarillos consist of 100% natural tobaccos from Indonesia and the Caribbean. The attractive Sumatra wrapper leaves are especially selected for Davidoff. In their elegant white packaging, the Cigarillos attract smokers thanks to their spicy, aromatic taste.

Ring O 20

From €9.00

Cigar Cutter Classic

Stainless steel, case, polished
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