Winston Churchill

With their incomparable taste and fantastic aroma, Winston Churchill cigars are sure to delight even the most fastidious aficionados. The extremely complex blends are completely different from all previous blends from the Dominican Republic, and in terms of taste and aroma are in a class of their own. All the tobaccos used for these Winston Churchill cigars come form hand-picked plantations in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Nicaragua and Ecuador. What they all have in common is that they went all grown from Cuban seed stock, making for unique cigars with a distinctively full body and myriad aromas. To guarantee their outstanding quality, all Winston Churchill cigars are rolled by selected torcedores in a special section of the Davidoff manufactory. Only the very best and most aromatic tobaccos and exclusive wrapper leaves are accorded the privilege of being worked into these choice cigars, which after all owe their name to the man who was probably the most famous cigar aficionado of them all - Sir Winston Churchill. After naming a whole Cuban cigar size after him, this year he'll have his own brand too, manufactured by Davidoff. After years of securing the worldwide patent for his grandfather's name, the now 67 year old non-smoking grandson, also called Winston Churchill has finally started cooperating with one of the most quality-focused non-Cuban cigar manufacturer, Davidoff. The cigar line is finally available in the US, and it will come to Europe later this year.

According to the Portuguese Law The sale of tobacco is prohibited to people under 18 years old, Law nÂș 37-2007.